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About us

About us

Being a lifelong collector of albums and compact discs since the purchase of my first album at the age of 5 (KISS Destroyer), Hollow Bone Records is the realization of a past regret.

I started my career in sales and spent over fifteen years living in the Chicago area, one of my go-to spots in the late 90’s and early 2000’s was a little shop called The Sound Booth.

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Expand Your Vinyl Collection with Hollow Bone Records

Ready to expand your vinyl collection? Or, maybe you’ve just invested in a brand-new turntable and want to start collecting a range of jazz and punk records. Whether you’re looking to buy/sell vinyl records, you’re in the right place at Hollow Bone Records.

CDs may have gone out of fashion, but vinyl records are still a huge hit, even after being around since the 1930s! They are the ultimate collector’s item for all music enthusiasts. Vinyl records give you a unique, physical experience that allows you to connect to the music. You can begin savoring the sounds as soon as the needle touches the record.

As an indie records store, we offer a variety of records from artists, both new and old. Whether you want to listen to Beethoven, Led Zepplin, or Eminem, you need the records. So, dust off your turntables, visit our store, and enjoy music how it was always meant to be appreciated.

Explore a Range of Genres

At Hollow Bones Records, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of genres and artists available to our customers. Whatever your musical taste is, you will find a record you love! Here are the genres we stock.

  • Rock & Pop: Do you love Blondie? Perhaps you’ve been a Beatles fan since before you could walk. In any case, you’ll find all your favorite pop and rock records here at our store.
  • Rap & Hip Hop: From Post Malone to Eminem, discover all the best artists in the rap and hip hop genres. There’s always something new to dive into!
  • R&B / Soul: If you’re a massive fan of 90s R&B or can’t wait for the next SZA record to be released, we have what you need at our vinyl records store.
  • Blues & Jazz: Do you love the sound of saxophones and instrumental solos? If so, you’re definitely a jazz records fan. These genres are always creating new and interesting sounds, so shop for this category at our store. You’ll find a range of incredible artists, from the iconic Nina Simone to the much-loved Coltrane.
  • Country & Folk: At Hollow Bone Records, we stock the best country and folk records to elevate your collection. Artists include Barbara Mandrell, The Staves, Josh Turner, Kenny Rogers, and many more.
  • World Music: Does your music reach expand to the furthest corners of the earth? With our range of world music, you can appreciate sounds far and wide, giving you breadth you can only dream of.
  • Dance & Electronic: We stock plenty of incredible artists in the dance & electronic genre so that you can party all night long from the comfort of your home!
  • Classical: Classical music never goes out of style. Experience classical records from this century and centuries past with our collection. 

Discover New and Old Records

Are you a huge fan of bands from the 1960s? Or, maybe you love the latest pop rock records. Either is OK, as we stock both old and new records alike. We understand that most people’s music tastes span decades!

Pre-order Upcoming Records

If you have patiently anticipated the newest record from your favorite artist, you can pre-order the vinyl with us. That way, you can rest assured you’ll have the record in the palm of your hands on the day of release. There is no better feeling.

Why Buy Vinyl?

You might be asking yourself, what’s the point in buying vinyl? The truth is, there are so many benefits to listening to music on a record player.

  • The Incomparable Sound: Vinyl records give you analog sound rather than digital. The music is within the grooves on the record, which you can physically see. When the needle touches those grooves and creates the music, it gives you a more accurate, authentic sound – much superior to listening from a streaming service!
  • To Get On Board with Physical Media: Physical media is becoming increasingly popular. While music streaming services are becoming more expensive (and constantly changing what they can offer), physical media stays the same. By owning records of your favorite artists, you own that music physically, which is a feeling you cannot beat.
  • To Be Part of a Rich Culture: The community in the world of vinyl is a very welcoming one that’s full to the brim with culture. With such a rich history, vinyl collection commonly becomes a real passion.
  • It’s an Experience: The experience of opening a vinyl record and placing it into a turntable is a unique experience. It almost becomes a ritual you’ll associate with your favorite music.
  • You Can Collect it: Vinyl is meant to be collected. Once you buy one, you’ll want to expand your collection to create the perfect set of all your favorite albums and artists. It’s something you’ll want to show off to everyone who visits you!
  • To Avoid the Screens: Most people have to access a screen to play music. That’s not the case when you have vinyl records and a turntable. By investing in vinyl, you can avoid using screens when you simply want to listen to your favorite records.

Shop Online or Visit Our Store

Our indie records store allows you to shop both online and in person. Prefer to browse from the comfort of your own home? Not to worry; our vinyl collections are available online, so you can browse in your own time and place an order.

Do you prefer to do your record shopping in person? You are more than welcome at our Ohio records store! We have an encyclopedic knowledge of all your favorite artists and records, so feel free to come in and chat – we might be able to recommend the next record you can’t help but play on repeat. Plus, visiting our store gives you early access to all the newest records. So, browse our collection and become a part of our record community.

Become a Records Day Participant

Each year, we celebrate Record Store Day at our Ohio records store. This annual event brings together music lovers from all over the country, giving everyone a chance to flick through a range of old and new records to add to their collection. By becoming a records day participant with us, you get to participate in the rich vinyl culture, meeting new people while discovering new records. Whether you’re a seasoned records collector or you want to purchase your first-ever record, you are welcome!

To keep up with all updates on upcoming Records Day events, follow our social media pages.

Tips for Storing and Using Your Vinyl Records

Whether you have one vinyl record or over a thousand, learning how to store and use your records is essential. Vinyl records are meant to last a lifetime (and then some), and with little effort, they will.

  • Buy from the Best: Always avoid bootlegger vinyl records stores! If vinyl looks too thin or the price tag is a little too enticing, don’t fall for it. You want to purchase real, high-quality records, as they’re the ones that last forever and produce that beloved vinyl sound.
  • Come Up with an Organization System: Do you have a large vinyl collection, or do you plan on building one over time? Don’t make the rookie mistake of storing them in any old order. If you do, the next time you want to listen to The Rolling Stones or Beyonce on your turntable, you won’t be able to find the right record! So, develop an organizational system that makes finding your records easy. Some popular systems include organizing them by record label, genre, and alphabetically. It’s up to you.
  • Store Correctly for Longevity: Vinyl records are supposed to last long – that’s part of their appeal. However, there needs to be some effort on your part for this to happen, so store all your records correctly for increased longevity. That means keeping them in a temperature-controlled environment in plastic sleeves and on a sturdy surface.
  • Clean Vinyl Regularly: Did you know you’re supposed to clean your vinyl regularly? It’s true! The best way to ensure your records stay in tip-top shape is to clean them before every use. A quick brush before listening is enough to help your vinyl stay in good condition.
  • Invest in a Good Turntable (and other equipment): Finally, invest in a good record player to experience vinyl to the max. A good set of speakers and amplifiers can elevate that experience even further, so consider that. Generally, it’s best to go with a well-known brand with great reviews from fellow music lovers.

Where to Find Us

Ready to surround yourself with new music? Visit our Ohio records store as soon as you get the chance! We are located at 2721 W Market St, Fairlawn, in Ohio. We hope to see you there! Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media platforms, where we post updates and let you know about upcoming and current sales.