Benefits of selling your used vinyl records to Hollow Bone Records

  • Cash or Store Credit: Hollow Bone Records offers cash or store credit in exchange for vinyl records. Store credit can sometimes yield higher returns if you're looking to buy more records or items from our store.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: Selling to Hollow Bone Records supports our small business in the community, contributing to the local economy.
  • Clearing Space: If you're looking to declutter or downsize your collection, selling your records can free up space in your home.
  • Convenience: Selling your vinyl records to us can be convenient if you prefer not to deal with the process of online listing, packaging, and shipping items yourself. Please call us at 234-334-7484 to bring your records in to the store or for us to visit on-site.
  • Expertise and Fair Pricing: We have an experienced staff who can properly evaluate the condition and value of your vinyl collection. We offer fair prices based on the rarity, condition, and demand for your records. We ask that you please understand that we
    still need to be able to make money on what we buy.