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Hollow Bone Records

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  1. Freight Train Metaphor
  2. Up With a Twist
  3. Spiritual Gymnastics
  4. Chart Reader
  5. Airport
  6. Yes Depression
  7. 100 Words for Snow
  8. 5's and 6's
  9. Palpitations
  10. Autumn Rhythm

Buffalo’s Del Paxton recorded their second full length Auto Locator straight to tape over three cloudy days in a solar powered barn, somewhere in New York’s Finger Lakes. Named for the rewind mechanism on the reel to reel tape machine on which the band tracked the album, Auto Locator coils up the chemical trails of ribbon binding old places and head spaces to our consciousness. Static and hiss leach between analog track layers, blurring the normal and paranormal to remind us that no memory is totally separate from a fiction – just like no drum track is totally separate from bass.