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Hollow Bone Records

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1 The Band Sessions 1997
2 Paint An 8
3 Another Roadside Tragedy 
4 If It Ever Stops Raining 
5 Wyoming & Me 
6 Predictable 
7 Never Forget This Song
8 Lifevest 
9 Grinnin 
10 My Heart's Killing Me
11 Peace Anyway
1 The Tall Sessions 1994 - a Conspiracy 
2 Evil Eye
3 Cursed Diamond 
4 London P.25
5 Dirty Hair Halo 
6 Hi-Head Blues 
7 Feathers 
8 Nonfiction 
9 Tied Up and Swallowed 
10 Wiser Time
11 Sunday Buttermilk Waltz
12 Descending 
13 Lowdown 
14 Tornado
15 Song of the Flesh
16 Thunderstorm 654 

Originally released in 2006, this two CD set contains a pair of previously unavailable albums recorded by Chris Robinson and the boys. Tall was recorded in 1993 and eventually morphed into their '94 release Amorica. There are early versions of songs that made that album as well as other tracks that remained unreleased until this double disc set was issued. The second album, Band, was recorded in 1997 after their album Three Snakes And One Charm. It is unknown why the album Band sat in the vaults for so long, since many fans rate it as one of The Black Crowes' best studio efforts to date!