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1 Nutshell [MTV Unplugged]
2 Brother [MTV Unplugged]
3 No Excuses [MTV Unplugged]
4 Sludge Factory [MTV Unplugged]
5 Down in a Hole [MTV Unplugged]
6 Angry Chair [MTV Unplugged]
7 Rooster [MTV Unplugged]
8 Got Me Wrong [MTV Unplugged]
9 Heaven Beside You [MTV Unplugged You]
10 Would? [MTV Unplugged]
11 Frogs [MTV Unplugged]
12 Over Now [MTV Unplugged]
13 The Killer Is Me [MTV Unplugged]

Starting with the first song, though, Alice in Chains don’t merely squeak out a show. They blow everyone’s expectations out of the water. The intimate venue shines a light on the reunited group’s dynamic, camaraderie, and sense of humor. The stripped-down format allows the songwriting and musicianship to take center stage, as it did on their largely acoustic EPs Sap, from 1992, and Jar of Flies. Unplugged is a natural fit. Staley and the band—Cantrell, Inez, and Kinney, plus Scott Olson, the rhythm guitarist for the evening—deliver one stellar song after another.