Map Call Us: (234) 334-7484
Map Hours: Tue-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12pm-5pm, Mon Closed


What is Hollow Bone Records?

An independent record store specializing in all things related to vinyl, music culture, and the enjoyment of warm and rich analog sound. We are dedicated to taking you places at the speed of 33 ? RPM.

Where is Hollow Bone Records?

We are located in Fairlawn Town Center at 2721 W Market St, Fairlawn, Ohio 44333.

How long have you been here?

We've been here in spirit ever since Nipper first stuck his ear up to a Victrola.

When can I stop by?

Hollow Bone is open from 10am – 8pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sunday. We are closed on Mondays.

Can I order from Hollow Bone Online?

We like our transactions like we like our music – personal and analog. However, if there is an obstacle preventing you from stopping by, send us an email at and we'll talk.

Do you accept credit cards?


Can I purchase Hollow Bone gift certificates for all my friends?

Of course!

Do you sell DVD‘s?

We stock a selection of music-related DVDs.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

All sales at Hollow Bone are final. We apologize for any inconvenience, however this policy is designed with our customers' best interest at heart.

Can I sell or trade in my records?

If you call ahead then maybe – it depends on what you have. We recommend striking up a conversation with us about what you have to unload before you fill up your car and drag everything into the store.

When are new releases available?

New releases are available on Fridays.

Can you hold a copy of a new release for me so I can get it the day it comes out?

Absolutely, just let us know.

Will you carry my band's CD or record?

There is a good possibility – let's talk.


We are located in Fairlawn Town Centre on West Market Street where ample parking is available at no charge.

Do you only carry older music?

We stock vinyl from all eras.